Seller Services

What is your FedEx business worth? 

Business Valuation

Do you want to know how much your FedEx business is worth? Perhaps you are ready to sell. Perhaps you are just curious about the market. Get answers with Aegis Routes and a free valuation of your business. Our team of experts will analyze your business and produce a free estimated valuation with no obligation to sell. Contact us today to get started!

New Contract Assessment

Is your FedEx contract re-negotiation fast approaching? With the significant increase in operating costs post-COVID, it is vital that you have a strong contract if you want a profitable business. How will you know if your new contract is on target? Allow us to compare your current contract with your new contract proposals. We will present you with the facts you need to select the best contract proposal for you and your unique circumstance. If you have sold with us in the past or sell with us in the future, the $1200 fee for this service will be waived or credited. If we don’t save you at least 5 x the fee, you do not pay!

NEW Territory Analysis

Not all routes are profitable! Our experts at Aegis Routes can help you analyze growth opportunities. We start by carefully tracking the volume of the new territory you are considering. From there, we can discuss the potential revenue new territory would bring. If a new contract is required as a result of expansion, we can help you with the contract negotiation as part of this service. Don’t guess! Get real tangible data and make the best decision.