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Valuation Second Opinion

Are you currently under contract to buy a FedEx business from another broker? How can you be sure you are paying a fair price? Perhaps you would like a second opinion on the value of the business you are buying. Our expert team can provide you with the necessary information to move forward with confidence, knowing that the FedEx business you are buying is not overvalued. This customized service can arm you with the data you need to negotiate your purchase price, potentially saving you tens of thousands or more!

Contract Proposal Analysis

If you are buying FedEx routes, you may be offered a new contract. How can you be confident in the contract you are offered? Allow us to compare the previous contract with your new contract proposals. We will present you with the facts you need to select the best contract proposal option.

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Fleet Usage Analysis

A functioning fleet is essential to the successful operation of your FedEx routes. Are you confident that the FedEx routes you are considering include the appropriate number of trucks? How will you predict when trucks need replacing? With our Fleet Usage Analysis, we will interpret your daily and weekly vehicle trends. We can investigate fleet usage and make recommendations for upcoming truck replacement needs.

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